• Procedure- Osseous surgery, Bone Graft, Connective Tissue Graft 6/2/16
    “My recent procedure was again an experience of Dr. Bezik’s unique combination of excellence & expertise, with regard to skills and compassion and concern with me a patient. She and her staff are amazing in providing a patient with appropriate and extensive information pre-surgery, as well as clear instructions for care post-surgery. Dr. Bezik is a rare doctor in dentistry—interested and educated in all medical aspects impacting her patients! Certainly have benefited from that aspect and those gifts. Within hours of my return home, she phoned to check on my recovery. I am so very grateful to my general dentist for recommending her. I have been and remain grateful to her. In my opinion, I would go to no one else.
    P.S. Dr. Bezik has chosen her staff carefully—each one I’ve encountered is courteous, competent, and caring.
    Thank you!

    Francesca D.
  • Procedure- Core build up 5/26/16
    “Service and care was excellent—I’ve never experience such high level of caring and advanced dentistry before. Although I loved the dentist that I had for years prior to losing my dental insurance and before I moved, I have never been told extensive ways to prevent the dental issues that I’m susceptible to. Even though Dr. Bezik is a periodontist, she treated me with great care and respect and did not turn me away, treating my broken molar with professionalism and thorough care. I appreciate how informed she kept me through the whole procedure, making sure she was consistent. She fit me in ASAP, working with my tight budget and time frame, and was reachable 24/7. From the assistants (very knowledgeable) to the friendly and helpful front desk staff, I’d recommend your practice to everyone and anyone seeing about and beyond service. Thank you and I wish I found this practice sooner!”

    Carolyn B.
  • Procedure- Implant 4/19/16
    “I was referred to Dr. Bezik by my dentist, who said she was one of the best in her field. I agree with my dentist and am thankful she sent me here. Dr. Bezik evaluated my issues and worked with me to resolve them. I found her to be very honest and knowledgeable about my treatment. Her staff was both courteous and professional in every way. As a result, my issues were corrected successfully. I am satisfied with the service I received and appreciate the added value to my overall dental health as an outcome. I would recommend Dr. Bezik and her staff without hesitation. Thank you!”

    Karen S.
  • Procedure- Implant and Bone Graft 3/18/16
    “Dr. Bezik is great making her patient feel at home especially with those who are needle phobic. During my implant surgery no pain at all and less pain after the surgery, less bleeding, and swelling, if all patient will follow her instructions and advice. I will recommend her to friend and family because her work is very neat with no question. Thanks and honored to have Dr. Bezik as my DDS.”

  • Procedure- Extraction and Bone Graft 3/10/16
    “Procedure was fully explained. Personnel were professional and attentive. All precautions were taken to avoid or eliminate infection. I was gowned, hair-netted, and provided with sunglasses. During the procedure I began to experience pain, Dr. B, stopped immediately and administered more Novocain. I received implicit information on follow up care. Dr. B scheduled a follow up appt, within 48 hours of the procedure. And she gave me her cell phone number in case of an emergency. I appreciate Dr. B’s care and the concern of her staff.”

    Carol D.