Is Fluoride Really Important?

According to the data from the FDI World Dental Federation, tooth decay affects almost all adults and about 60-90% of children in the world. While in the US, more than 16.9% of children, and 31.6% of adults are living with untreated dental caries. Tooth decay doesn’t just cause you many sleepless nights because of toothache, but it can also result in more serious health conditions such as oral cancer. 

In response to these startling figures, the World Health Organization, as well as the US government, have made it their duty to make fluoride a factor in our daily lives. With this, fluoride is added in the toothpaste, in the tap water, and in the dental treatments. But what really is fluoride? And how will it benefit you?

The Power of Sealants

SealantsYou regularly brush and floss your teeth. You also make sure to visit your dentist for your routine dental checkup. Yet, your teeth still get cavities. Your dentist may have suggested sealants for added protection to your oral health. 

Dental sealants serve as a protective coating in liquid form placed on the teeth, specifically the areas where decay usually starts. The liquid sealant dries up and bonds with the teeth protecting it from bacteria buildup and decay. When used with comprehensive dental care such as brushing and flossing teeth, and eating tooth-friendly foods, then your oral health will be well-protected against cavities and gum disease.

How To Make Your Dental Visit More Comfortable

Dental VisitKeeping your teeth healthy is not a challenge. There are a lot of things you need to do to ensure your dental health is at its healthiest state. For example, you need to practice proper dental hygiene with brushing and flossing daily. There are also foods and drinks you need to avoid so your teeth are less exposed to sugar and acidic content which can be harmful to your tooth’s enamel. The most important thing is to make sure you schedule a dental visit regularly.

How Dentists Repair a Chipped Tooth

Ychipped teethou might not have heard that your tooth’s enamel is the hardest tissue there is in your body. Did you know that biting hard food such as ice or hard candy can make your tooth cracked or give you a chipped tooth? If you fall hard, receive a blow on your face or bite down something really hard, it can cause a tooth to chip, especially if that tooth is already damaged or suffered from tooth decay.

Tongue Scraping – What It Is and What It Could Do For Your Hygiene

Tongue ScrapingWe always heard of the importance of flossing and brushing our teeth. But were you ever told about tongue-scraping? Your tongue is a muscular organ that aids you in chewing and swallowing foods. And just like the teeth, this too can harbor bacteria and needs to be properly cleaned. And regardless of how you regularly and properly brush your teeth, you will still be susceptible to bad breath and other oral diseases if you don’t include your tongue in your oral hygiene. 

Get To Know Your Oral Microbiome

Oral Microbiome

As disgusting as it may sound, your mouth is home to hundreds of microorganisms. While there are about 34-72 species of bacteria in some people; there are also individuals that are host to more than 700 different strains, 

with 50% of these have not been cultivated. Yes, your mouth is an ecosystem of bacteria and begin establishing their colony in your mouth from birth.

What Is TMJ & How Can A Dentist Help?

Do you sometimes feel jaw pain? Do you feel pain when you chew or do you find it difficult to chew when eating, especially hard food? If your answer is YES then you might be suffering from a temporomandibular joint disorder or commonly known as TMJ disorder.  The temporomandibular joint is a joint that acts like sliding hinges connecting your jaw to your skull. TMJ enables you to close and open your mouth. It allows you to push your jaw forward, slide and move it from one side to another. TMJ Disorder

What Are Mouthguards

mouthguardsWhat Are Mouthguards

Mouthguards are devices that you wear on your mouth, completely covering your teeth and gums, as a protection against injuries to the teeth, mouth, cheeks, and jaw. Mouthguards are mainly used as a protective device when playing contact sports, however, it can also be used in managing symptoms of bruxism or in treating sleep apnea. 

Poor Oral Health Increases Risk for Liver Cancer

Liver Health and DentistryKeeping your oral health at its healthiest state is important. Good oral hygiene is the key to achieve it. Checking with your dentist regularly can also decrease your chance of having oral health problems. Tooth decay, tooth loss and gum diseases are just a few of dental problems that you can experience. Dental problems don’t just affect your mouth, but it can affect your overall health condition. 

Is Charcoal Toothpaste Safe for the Teeth?

As they have said, a smile is the best makeup anyone can wear. It is the cheapest way to enhance your beauty.  However, would you still like to smile if your teeth don’t look so attractive with its yellowish color? Nah, I doubt it. 

Having whiter teeth can boost a person’s confidence. You tend to smile more because your teeth are whiter and you don’t feel conscious at all. Having whiter and healthier teeth enhances your appearance, making you look more attractive.