Are Your Teeth Causing Your Migraines?

Do you suffer from headaches? Have you ever thought your teeth or dental condition could be causing your head pain? Headaches are the number one source of pain for us here in the United States, and most people want to immediately believe there is a much bigger problem when the problem actually could be stemming from your mouth.

How are headaches related to dental problems? There are several ways in which your mouth, teeth, and jaws play a role in creating headaches. Once you’ve identified the type of dental problem that’s responsible for your frequent headaches, you can work with your dentist on correcting the issue to relieve you of your head pain.

Why Are Baby Teeth So Important?

There aren’t many things as exciting as spying the first glimpse of a baby tooth in the mouth of your child. It is one of the first and most important milestones in a young life. Every new parent waits anxiously for the first feel, and then the first sight, of a little glimpse of white to emerge through the gums.

Baby teeth are actually there, starting to grow, long before we can ever feel them. In fact, those first teeth are beginning to grow even in the womb, long before a baby is born.

Does Chewing Gum Fight Cavities and Tooth Decay?

chewing gum_oral careMost of us chew gum because it helps to freshen breath. Or we use it as a stress reliever, like a way to replace cigarettes. However, did you know that chewing gum could also help you to fight cavities and tooth decay? Some dental professionals and researchers have linked chewing gum to healthier teeth. Of course, not all gum is created equal and there are some catches to using chewing gum to prevent cavities.

Time to Visit Your Fairfax Dentist?

dental checkup_general dentistRegular and ongoing dental care is still one area of health that many families neglect. It is important to make trips to your family Fairfax dentist a priority for every member of the family. Just like many other health issues, prevention is always the preferred, and usually less expensive route, over trying to fix a problem after it has already started.

How to Soothe Teething Babies

Teething. You know it’s coming sure it isn’t as bad as some say. When a baby begins to teeth, their gums can become tender and may keep them up at night. While the incessant tears and crankiness is something that no parent or child wants to deal with, there are ways to ease their sore gums.

Tooth Sensitivity

If you have ever filled out a medical history at the dentist you know that we ask a lot of questions!  One question we ask, is if you have any sensitivity, especially to sweet, hot or cold foods.  Now, of course there can be many different causes.

Invisalign, How Does it Work?

Invisalign aligners

One of the best things about modern dentistry is that you don’t always need to wear braces to straighten your misaligned teeth. Today, many adults and teenagers are able to wear clear plastic aligners that are made using Invisalign computer software. To wear aligners rather than using braces on your teeth, you must have an evaluation to determine if you have mild to moderate dental malocclusions. In addition, you shouldn’t have any facial abnormalities that require appliances to repair the jaw or the palate of your mouth. There are wonderful advantages of using Invisalign aligners for repairing your dental misalignments.

Sedation Dentistry

sedation dentistryIf you need a surgical procedure at a dentist’s office, then using sedation might be recommended. Some of these surgeries include root canals or wisdom teeth removal. Sedation dentistry is also appropriate for anyone who has a fear of dentists or is unable to sit still during a procedure. Children who aren’t able to remain inactive during cleanings may need sedation, and senior citizens with dementia conditions may also need sedation dentistry. Sedation at the dentist’s office typically requires the use of oral medications that you make you relax and feel drowsy. During a procedure, you are not totally aware of the process, and despite sitting in a dental chair for a long amount of time, it may only feel as if the procedure required a few minutes.

Why Would You Need a Porcelain Dental Crown?

dental crownsWhen you visit a dental office for an examination, the dentist may find a large cavity that requires a porcelain crown. These dental restorations are also used for covering teeth that are damaged during injuries from a vehicular accident or a fall while playing sports. In addition to porcelain crowns that are made to protect damaged or infected teeth, there are full-size crowns that are made to replace missing teeth. These types of crowns are attached to dental bridges, denture supports or dental implant posts. It is also possible for an old crown to degrade, and a dentist can replace it with a new one. In the past, it could take several days to have a porcelain crown made for a tooth, but today, many dentists can order the dental restoration in the morning, and the dental laboratory will have the crown ready in the afternoon.