Buck teeth are also known as an overbite or malocclusion [source]. This is when your front teeth are protruding over your lower teeth. There are various reasons why one’s front teeth could have an overbite, it can be caused by thumb-sucking, tongue thrusting or it can be hereditary.

Depending on the severity of the protrusion, a person can either decide to have them fixed or leave them as they are.

Buck Teeth Causes

Thumb-sucking or Using a Pacifier

The effects of thumb-sucking and using a pacifier are very similar as they produce a similar motion from a child. They are both non-nutritive sucking behavior (NNSB). [source]

In the early stages, below the age of 2 years, this NNSB is not as harmful to the child’s dental alignment. However, it becomes problematic when the child’s permanent teeth start to appear from 3-4 years. This is because the pressure of sucking can cause the teeth to grow at an abnormal angle.


If the tongue constantly thrusts against the teeth for long periods, the positioning of the teeth is affected. People thrust their teeth for different reasons such as poor swallowing habits and stress. If it’s related to stress and can be more problematic as the person does not notice themselves. Sometimes they may even thrust their teeth when they are sleeping. [source]

Natural Alignment

We get our genes from our parents, which means that sometimes we are born with certain traits that can be problematic. Our teeth alignment is not an exception. One can be born with an uneven jaw or prominent front teeth. In this situation, prevention is not plausible. Seeing a dentist to assess the extent of the overbite, to provide a treatment that could correct the alignment. [source]

Missing, Extra or Impacted Teeth

The position of your teeth can change if there’s space for them to move. If you have missing teeth, the position of your front teeth is often affected as your teeth gradually shift. Or if enough pressure is applied due to impacted teeth or overcrowded teeth, the alignment of your teeth can change.

Buck Teeth Solutions

Depending on the cause, a fitting solution can be used. For example, parents can help their children break the habit of thumbsucking and using a pacifier from an early age. So that when their permanent teeth start to appear, they do not grow at an abnormal angle.

Dental aligners can assist in changing the existing alignment of your teeth. Depending on your specific condition, treatment may differ. But some options are available for you such as braces, clear aligners (Invisalign), etc.

If the overbite is not causing you discomfort treatment may not be necessary. Just as people differ, teeth also come in different shapes and sizes.

If you have dental concerns, be sure to visit your dentist to get the assistance you need.

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