Poor Oral Health Increases Risk for Liver Cancer

Liver Health and Dentistry

Keeping your oral health at its healthiest state is important. Good oral hygiene is the key to achieve it. Checking with your dentist regularly can also decrease your chance of having oral health problems. Tooth decay, tooth loss and gum diseases are just a few of dental problems that you can experience. Dental problems don’t […]

Is Charcoal Toothpaste Safe for the Teeth?

wooden toothbrush with charcoal toothpaste on it

As they have said, a smile is the best makeup anyone can wear. It is the cheapest way to enhance your beauty.  However, would you still like to smile if your teeth don’t look so attractive with its yellowish color? Nah, I doubt it.  Having whiter teeth can boost a person’s confidence. You tend to […]

Practicing Good Oral Hygiene at Home

Father and son flossing in the mirror together

Good habits and practices start at home — this is undeniably true when it comes to oral hygiene. Achieving impressive oral health takes more than just a simple everyday brushing of teeth. Even if your teeth look nice on the outside, you still have to take the necessary steps in taking good care of teeth […]

Ways To Stop Clenching Your Teeth

man clenching his teeth

Do you sometimes wake up in the morning and get a sore jaw or neck pain? Perhaps you didn’t sleep in a good position at night or, there is a possibility that you are clenching your teeth when you are sleeping. Teeth clenching or teeth grinding is a condition called bruxism. Bruxism occurs when you […]

5 Signs You Have Gum Disease

dentist gum disease

Many people are focused on keeping their teeth healthy and clean but neglect the health of their gums. Did you know that almost half of the American adults have periodontitis? The risk increases to 70.1% as the person reaches 65 years and older. Gum disease is also a common type of mouth disease and worse, […]

Tips On Selecting The Right Toothbrush


To take care of your teeth, you need to have the proper toothbrush. So, how do you choose your toothbrush? Do you choose it according to the handle’s color? Or do you always on the lookout for a sale and buy it instantly? All of these can get you a new toothbrush but to get […]

Who Is A Candidate For Invisalign?


Dental braces are devices used to align and straighten teeth. It positions the teeth in regard to a person’s bite. It also aims to improve a person’s dental health. Braces works but some people are hesitant to get braces because it uses bands, wires and other fixed appliances that can be seen directly. We want […]

Acid Erosion


I’m sure you are aware that certain foods and beverages are more acidic than others.  Do you know what they are?  Citrus fruits and carbonated beverages are at the top of the list, but tomatoes and pickled vegetables are also culprits.  Have you heard about how soda can clean a battery because of the acidity?  […]

Crown Lengthening to Boost Confidence

middle-aged male patient smiling at his reflection as a female dentist points to the mirror

If you have what is known as a “gummy smile” (the appearance of excess gums), your confidence may benefit from crown lengthening. Oftentimes, people who have prominent gingiva display are less likely to smile, laugh, and talk in public. Some are embarrassed by excess gums. A simple procedure such as crown lengthening can help those […]

5 Problems Caused By Wisdom Teeth

wisdom tooth pain

Wisdom teeth are a nuisance to some, and a complete mystery for others. When it comes to removing wisdom teeth, there are some very common and blatant signs to look out for such as toothaches or swollen red gums. However, there are several other potential problems that your wisdom teeth could be causing that you […]