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Oral Microbiome

Get To Know Your Oral Microbiome

As disgusting as it may sound, your mouth is home to hundreds of microorganisms. While there are about 34-72 species of bacteria in some people; there are also individuals that are host to more than 700 different strains,  with 50% of these have not been cultivated. Yes, your mouth is

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What Is TMJ & How Can A Dentist Help?

Do you sometimes feel jaw pain? Do you feel pain when you chew or do you find it difficult to chew when eating, especially hard food? If your answer is YES then you might be suffering from a temporomandibular joint disorder or commonly known as TMJ disorder.  The temporomandibular joint

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What Are Mouthguards

What Are Mouthguards Mouthguards are devices that you wear on your mouth, completely covering your teeth and gums, as a protection against injuries to the teeth, mouth, cheeks, and jaw. Mouthguards are mainly used as a protective device when playing contact sports, however, it can also be used in managing

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Liver Health and Dentistry

Poor Oral Health Increases Risk for Liver Cancer

Keeping your oral health at its healthiest state is important. Good oral hygiene is the key to achieve it. Checking with your dentist regularly can also decrease your chance of having oral health problems. Tooth decay, tooth loss and gum diseases are just a few of dental problems that you

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wooden toothbrush with charcoal toothpaste on it

Is Charcoal Toothpaste Safe for the Teeth?

As they have said, a smile is the best makeup anyone can wear. It is the cheapest way to enhance your beauty.  However, would you still like to smile if your teeth don’t look so attractive with its yellowish color? Nah, I doubt it.  Having whiter teeth can boost a

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