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wooden toothbrush with charcoal toothpaste on it

Is Charcoal Toothpaste Safe for the Teeth?

As they have said, a smile is the best makeup anyone can wear. It is the cheapest way to enhance your beauty.  However, would you still like to smile if your teeth don’t look so attractive with its yellowish color? Nah, I doubt it.  Having whiter teeth can boost a

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Father and son flossing in the mirror together

Practicing Good Oral Hygiene at Home

Good habits and practices start at home — this is undeniably true when it comes to oral hygiene. Achieving impressive oral health takes more than just a simple everyday brushing of teeth. Even if your teeth look nice on the outside, you still have to take the necessary steps in

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man clenching his teeth

Ways To Stop Clenching Your Teeth

Do you sometimes wake up in the morning and get a sore jaw or neck pain? Perhaps you didn’t sleep in a good position at night or, there is a possibility that you are clenching your teeth when you are sleeping. Teeth clenching or teeth grinding is a condition called

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dentist gum disease

5 Signs You Have Gum Disease

Many people are focused on keeping their teeth healthy and clean but neglect the health of their gums. Did you know that almost half of the American adults have periodontitis? The risk increases to 70.1% as the person reaches 65 years and older. Gum disease is also a common type

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Tips On Selecting The Right Toothbrush

To take care of your teeth, you need to have the proper toothbrush. So, how do you choose your toothbrush? Do you choose it according to the handle’s color? Or do you always on the lookout for a sale and buy it instantly? All of these can get you a

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