Dental cavities, also known as tooth decay, are permanently damaged parts on your teeth that lead to holes in enamel. It sounds scary and anyone can get them, from children to grandparents!

Cavities can happen when plaque eats away at your enamel and gets to the softer layers of your teeth. Which is why it’s so important to floss and brush your teeth everyday.

Signs of Dental Cavities

How do you know if you have a cavity? Here are the signs to look out for:

  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Toothache
  • Black spots on your teeth
  • Holes in your teeth

If you have any of the above symptoms, it’s time to check in with your dentist.

Treatment Options for Dental Cavities

There’s no home remedy that will make your cavities magically disappear. But your dentist can take a swing at it with some treatment options!

Dental Crowns

When your tooth has had more significant damage it may be recommended that you get a dental crown.

It is a customized cap that covers the entire top surface of a tooth.

Your dentist will remove the decayed portion and reshape the tooth for the crown that will be cemented in place.

Dental Fillings

The most common option is a filling. Once your dentist removes the decayed bits, they will fill the tooth with the filling that will prevent further decay.

Root Canal 

But what happens if the dental cavity reaches the pulp of your teeth? If it’s not treated, you could experience severe pain.

Your dentist may recommend a root canal where they will remove the infected pulp and put a filling and crown on top.

And it’s not more painful than normal fillings!

Tooth Extraction

Lastly, the saddest option, saying goodbye to the tooth! If extensive damage was done, your tooth may be too far gone to save.

Your dentist will suggest a tooth extraction to remove the tooth completely. From there your options are to replace it with an implant, bridge or dentures.

The key to prevention is keeping to your oral health routine and catching cavities early by visiting your dentist regularly.

This was a small 101 class on what you need to know about cavities and the treatments, but when in doubt, give your dentist a shout!

If you’re looking to keep your teeth in tip-top condition, book an appointment with us and we’ll be happy to chase those cavities away!

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