A fractured, or cracked tooth can be scary and painful for some. Even if it’s small, you should visit the dentist.

Your dentist will be best equipped to examine the area to determine how big the fracture is, where it is, and if it has reached your gums. Considering these factors, your dentist may recommend one of these options for treating your cracked tooth:


If your tooth or filling has chipped, your dentist may redo the filling or they will use plastic resin to fill in the chipped area. 


A dental crown can be used when a small piece of the tooth is broken off. A crown is a customized porcelain or ceramic cap that is fitted over your tooth. 

Even though it’s called a crown, it doesn’t need to stand out like royalty. Your dentist will make an impression of your tooth and match the crown to the color of your teeth. This way your crown won’t be noticeable.

Unless you prefer the gold grill look – to each their own!


In some cases, the crack on the tooth may not be big. The dentist may use cosmetic contouring by rounding out the rougher edges and smoothing them out to remove the fracture.

Root Canal

If the crack reaches the pulp of your tooth, the dentist may recommend a root canal. This is the removal of the damaged pulp to prevent the tooth from being infected or weakened.


If the crack extends to areas that can not be restored, your only option may be to have the dentist extract it. 

But if your mouth feels incomplete without this tooth you can consider getting implants, dental bridges, or partial dentures. 

Consult your dentist for the most suitable option.

Leave it Alone

Sometimes, the cracked tooth may not cause any further damage. After investigation, your dentist may tell you that you don’t need any treatments. Phew!

This may happen if you haven’t experienced any pain or it hasn’t impacted the appearance of your tooth.

A cracked tooth can lead to more problems, so consult your dentist soon to keep your teeth as healthy as possible. Schedule your appointment now and we’ll take a crack at helping your fractured tooth!

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