Most people don’t view visiting the dentist as a fun activity. And for some, it may be their worst nightmare!

But dental anxiety shouldn’t stop you from giving your teeth and gums the best care.

Instead of putting off your dentist visit, follow the tips below to reduce your dental anxiety.

Don’t Arrive Too Early 

You may feel anxious to get it over with but try not to get to your dentist’s office too early. You’ll be waiting before your turn and your anxiety will likely grow in size. 

Rather get there a few minutes early to check your appointment details and complete any other paperwork. It’ll keep your thoughts elsewhere and then you can have your dentist visit without too much thought! 

Talk to Your Dentist

A lot of anxiety comes from the unknown, so ask your dentist about any processes and procedures you’re unsure about. It can be as simple as asking them about the cleaning process. 

Knowledge is power, so keep that dialogue open! Remember a dentist is here to help you!

Breathing exercises

Anyone can overcome dental anxiety – it’s mind over matter! 

Try closing your eyes and taking deep breaths to help calm your mind and body. You could even ask your dentist to take a beat between processes so you can do your breathing exercises.

Bring a friend

Having a friend or family member tag along can help you feel calmer through your dental visit. Ask your dentist if you can have this person sit in the room with you to create a more familiar environment.

Your dental anxiety won’t get the best of you if you tackle it head-on! Visit your dentist regularly to keep your oral health in tip-top condition. Otherwise, you might have to deal with something scarier than the dentist! 

Need a dental check-up? Book your appointment and we’ll provide dental care in a comfortable environment!

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