dental crownsWhen you visit a dental office for an examination, the dentist may find a large cavity that requires a porcelain crown. These dental restorations are also used for covering teeth that are damaged during injuries from a vehicular accident or a fall while playing sports. In addition to porcelain crowns that are made to protect damaged or infected teeth, there are full-size crowns that are made to replace missing teeth. These types of crowns are attached to dental bridges, denture supports or dental implant posts. It is also possible for an old crown to degrade, and a dentist can replace it with a new one. In the past, it could take several days to have a porcelain crown made for a tooth, but today, many dentists can order the dental restoration in the morning, and the dental laboratory will have the crown ready in the afternoon.

Modern Dental Crowns are Made Quickly

Some individuals use the words dental cap instead of a dental crown, and these words describe the function of the restoration. These are indirect restorations that are made in a laboratory by a trained technician. Some dental offices have on-site dental laboratories, but other dentists send the measurements for a porcelain crown to the technicians at an off-site location. With computer software, it is easy for the dentist to send the information to the laboratory in only a few minutes, making it faster to receive the restoration.

Will You Need a Root Canal Before a Crown?

If the inner part of your tooth (which has nerve) has been affected you will need a root canal. First, our dentist must prepare your damaged tooth by removing decay if the pulp gets exposed or has infection. This is a root canal procedure that will require anesthesia. The shell that remains is filled with a malleable substance that will harden to provide a sturdy biting surface, but the porcelain dental crown offers additional support. Crowns are made in different shapes and sizes to create an aesthetically pleasing smile, but the dental restoration is also designed in a certain way to withstand continual use while chewing food.

Dental Crowns Are Made to Create a Beautiful Smile

When a patient is receiving full-size crowns that are attached to dentures, implants or bridges, the dentist can create dental restorations that look more attractive than natural teeth. In some cases, a patient can have a more beautiful smile with dental restorations, to prolong the life of your restorations or crowns, proper hygiene and visits to the dentist are critical. With good flossing and brushing habits, you can keep the beautiful smile created with your crowns and veneers for a long time.

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