When you know what to expect during dental surgery and to recuperate efficiently, you’ll more likely recover at a faster rate. Your dentist will usually perform oral surgery as an outpatient procedure. The dentist will usually do the outpatient procedure with local or general anesthesia. What this means is that you will go home shortly after your dentist has completed the operation. Before the surgery, your dentist will tell you how to prepare before and after the procedure.

How To Recover From Dental Surgery

It’s vital to prepare for your home life before your dental surgery appointment occurs. For example,after surgery to prevent swelling, setup extra pillows in your bed so that your head is in a reclining position. Keep books, magazines, and a television near your bed so you can have entertainment options nearby. As you’re recovering from oral surgery, you should avoid smoking. Smoking after dental surgery could cause the site of the procedure to bleed.

Swelling around the location of the operation is normal for the first couple of days after the procedure, put an ice pack on the affected area every 15 minutes. After the first day of recovery, you should rinse your mouth with salt water four times a day and after you eat. Before you leave your dentist’s office, they may prescribe antibiotics or other medications that you will need to take during the recovery process.

How To Prepare the Night Before Your Surgery

In the 24 hours before your dental surgery appointment, start making arrangements for transportation to and from your dentist’s office if you are scheduled to have sedation. Because of sedative effects you should not drive yourself from the office. That’s why you should get these details out of the way so that you don’t have to excessively worry about minor details.

Even though most of the time, fasting is not indicated. For some dental surgeries, you might need to fast eight hours before the procedure. Your dentist will tell you how long you will need to fast. However, people with diabetes should always eat breakfast. If a doctor prescribed you any medications, you should take them the evening and morning before the procedure.

Foods That You Can Eat After Dental Surgery

Patients who have had oral surgery should only eat soft and cold foods for the first day after surgery. They should keep away from hard and crunchy foods such as popcorn or pretzels for the next two weeks.

How Much Time Will A Patient Need To Heal After Dental Surgery?

In most cases swelling and other discomforts should go down after 48 hours. After the first two days following surgery, additional healing will need to take place. For example, wisdom teeth extractions may take a week or two to feel normal. The speed of healing depends on the type of tissue. The skin heals within 2 weeks and deeper tissue, such as muscles and bone takes longer but, with skin covering the area most patients feel normal in 2 weeks after oral surgeries.

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