Get To Know Your Oral Microbiome

Oral Microbiome

As disgusting as it may sound, your mouth is home to hundreds of microorganisms. While there are about 34-72 species of bacteria in some people; there are also individuals that are host to more than 700 different strains, 

with 50% of these have not been cultivated. Yes, your mouth is an ecosystem of bacteria and begin establishing their colony in your mouth from birth.


Top 5 Things to Know About Dental Implant Surgery

Did you lose a tooth and are considering your tooth-replacement options? Or have you already lost a tooth and realizing that you desire a more permanent tooth restoration than a denture? If so, then you are likely considering obtaining dental implants. Dental implants have become very popular today as permanent tooth replacement options. However, you likely have some questions about just how the implant procedure works and when it is optimal to obtain a dental implant after having a tooth extracted.

Read on to learn the top 5 things to know about dental implant surgery, which may answer some of your questions.