You’ve taken the step in getting your teeth aligned…but the work doesn’t stop there. Braces need daily care!

This might be bothersome, but you want the best for your teeth and gums.

Let’s get into some cleaning tips so that your teeth shine brighter than your braces.


If you don’t have Invisalign, then you can’t remove your braces. You’ll then need the correct toothbrush to clean between your teeth and braces. There are different types of toothbrushes that could do the job. You can get a toothbrush with a rounded head or narrow neck, or with soft bristles. 

Pro tip: Use an electric brush! They easily remove plaque and smaller pieces from hard-to-reach places. 

Based on your budget, you can decide what suits you. But more expensive doesn’t mean that it will be better. Pick what will be most comfortable!


The same rule applies even if you have braces: floss every day! 

Toothbrushes can’t reach everywhere so it’s vital to floss.  It takes more effort and time to floss when you have braces, but your teeth and gums deserve the best care! We recommend setting aside time every day for flossing so it becomes a healthy habit.

There are different types of floss to pick from. The choice of floss will depend on your budget and the type of oral care you need.

If you’re in need of a check-up, schedule your appointment with us today!

The more you know about dental care, the less anxiety there is around it. Click the link to learn about the different types of braces.

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