Having sensitive teeth can be extremely uncomfortable and leave us with severe pain when doing daily activities such as brushing our teeth, eating, or drinking. Although there are multiple causes of tooth sensitivity, there are thankfully a variety of solutions too. Depending on the root cause, dental treatments or natural remedies could help alleviate the pain. 

Symptoms of sensitive teeth include sharper pain as opposed to milder pain, a more localized painful sensation, and pain upon chewing and biting. There are triggers that can increase any pain and further sensitivity such as hot or cold food and beverages, cold air, acidic or sweet foods, and rough brushing or flossing.

Our teeth have a hard outer coating called enamel which, along with the gums, protects the dentin (porous tissue). The dentin can be exposed through issues such as fractured and chipped teeth, erosion, and receding gums. This can result in sensitive teeth as the nerve endings are exposed and triggered to cause pain when stimulated by foods, actions, or temperatures. 

Luckily, this is not something you have to live with as there are solutions! A visit to the dentist can have you sorted with a filling or a gum graft, and a treatment plan to move forward dealing with any sensitivity. Otherwise, natural remedies can be tried at home to alleviate pain such as a saltwater rinse, spreading a turmeric and water paste on your gums and teeth, or even practicing oil pulling with coconut oil to alleviate pain and sensitivity.

If you’re needing more information or have any questions surrounding tooth sensitivity, give us a call and we will gladly assist you! Contact us today to book an appointment and let us see how we can help you.

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