As they have said, a smile is the best makeup anyone can wear. It is the cheapest way to enhance your beauty.  However, would you still like to smile if your teeth don’t look so attractive with its yellowish color? Nah, I doubt it. 

Having whiter teeth can boost a person’s confidence. You tend to smile more because your teeth are whiter and you don’t feel conscious at all. Having whiter and healthier teeth enhances your appearance, making you look more attractive. 

Are teeth naturally white?

Naturally, teeth are not as dazzling and sparkling white color as they seem to be. Teeth are composed of minerals and dentin. Dentin has a natural yellow color. However, the enamel that covers the dentin is white. If you have thicker enamel, the dentin might not look visible at all thus it gives you an illusion of having whiter teeth. Thinner enamels allow the dentin to show up more causing your teeth to look yellowish. 

However, you don’t have to worry about having yellowish teeth because it doesn’t mean you have unhealthy teeth. As long as you have proper dental hygiene, regularly visits your dentist for routine checkup and takes care of your dental health properly, your yellow teeth are just a color but never an indication of poor dental health. Just in case you want your yellowish teeth to turn whiter, there are products that you can use to achieve a whiter smile.

What is activated Charcoal?

If you are active in the cosmetic trend and the wellness world, you probably have heard about charcoal and how it is the most common ingredient in many commercial masks and scrubs. And many toothpaste companies today have incorporated charcoal in their products. Activated charcoal is the type of grain powder made from natural substances such as wood and coconut shells. It is processed under extreme heat to change its internal structure. Activated charcoal has been used in the early days in many purposes because of its ability to remove toxins from the body. 

Activated charcoal in toothpaste

Despite having no solid evidence to prove that activated charcoal contains components that can whiten the teeth, this has still become one of the common ingredients in toothpaste nowadays. Charcoal is mildly abrasive and can be absorbed on surface stains somehow. However, the particles should be really small so it wouldn’t damage your teeth. 

It is probably safer to say that charcoals in the toothpaste help remove teeth stains. If you are planning to change your usual toothpaste into a charcoal toothpaste, make sure to check with your dentist for some professional dental advice before using it. The dental professionals have better knowledge about the safety of the product and how effective it is.


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