Losing your tooth means you’re compromising your oral health or your physical appearance. There are great options if you’re in need of a replacement, you just need to see which of those suits you best. 

We’re here to lay out information and clear up some uncertainties. Let’s go over the options you have to replace a missing tooth:


If you want to feel like you never even lost your tooth, this option is the most appealing!

Dental implants are screwed into your jaw and actually replace the root of your tooth. If you have healthy gums and teeth, you’ve already met a few of the implant requirements!

An implant supports the crown or artificial tooth, letting you chew and speak as you would with a real tooth. They last longer than bridges and you can also easily clean them since they act as normal teeth.

Dental Bridges

Dental fixed bridges connect the gap of the missing tooth by attaching an artificial tooth to the existing teeth. Dental cement is then used to connect the teeth. 

Fixed bridges also feel like regular teeth, but it alters your teeth because of the nature of the procedure. It can also be hard to clean around the bridge.

Partial Dentures

Full dentures are for those needing to replace all of their teeth, but in the case of a single tooth or few teeth, a partial denture is a great option. 

The frame of partial dentures has a gum-colored base with artificial teeth and it sits between your actual teeth. 

This tooth replacement option may be the most uncomfortable out of the 3 for some people, as it takes time to adjust to. But some may not have the same level of uncomfort and can tolerate the dentures. 

Partial Dentures are easy to fix and replace in comparison to the other options. 

There are many other things to consider when replacing your missing tooth or teeth. Any questions, doubts and uncertainties you have are best answered by your dentist! 

If you think you may need to replace your teeth, book an appointment with us and we’ll be happy to help!

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