dental implants Fairfax VAIf you have missing teeth anywhere in your mouth, they can be replaced by dental implants. Implants are the best type of tooth replacement for any tooth, whether you’ve lost a single tooth or many teeth.

Dental Implants as a Tooth Replacement Option

It’s important for your dental health, as well as your overall health, to have missing teeth replaced. If you leave gaps in your mouth, other teeth will move to fill the spaces. This can lead to misalignment, meaning that you’re teeth don’t meet properly when you bite and chew. Long-term misalignment can lead to extensive wear and can cause the jawbone to move out of alignment, leading to temporomandibular joint disorder.

Dental implants replace not only the crown of the tooth, but the root as well. Because an implant includes a root, it is the most effective long-term choice for replacement. The root helps keep the bone growing in the tooth socket so your jawbone doesn’t atrophy over time. Implants are also permanent and stationary, making it easier to eat a wide variety of foods.

Am I a Good Candidate for Dental Implants?

If you have one or more missing teeth, talk to your dentist or periodontist about dental implants. Implants are an excellent choice for most patients; however, in some cases, you might have an existing condition that could affect your ability to heal after an implant procedure. During your dental implant consultation, you should mention if you are:

  • A smoker
  • Diabetic
  • Suffering from an autoimmune disorder
  • Being treated for osteoporosis

Your implant dentist or periodontist will also examine your mouth to see if you have any existing gum disease, decay in remaining teeth, or have experienced bone loss in the jawbone. If your jaw has already begun to atrophy due to tooth loss, you might require a bone graft or sinus lift before implants can be placed successfully. Any decay or gum disease should also be treated before the implant procedure.

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