Looking to get your teeth into their best shape yet? Whilst your daily oral care is essential in keeping your smile healthy and happy, the appearance of your teeth is dependent on a few other things. Teeth whitening is a solution to a few aesthetic imperfections of the teeth, such as discoloration and staining.

The main options are either in-office treatments that your dentist performs while you’re in the chair, or alternatively take home whitening kits that you do yourself. Many over-the-counter (OTC) whitening techniques use peroxide as the bleaching agent, these fall under the take-home options available as teeth whitening. Whilst these are readily available, out of keeping your safety and best results in mind, we recommend you enquire directly with your dentist what is best for you as each case is different. 

In-office whitening treatments include the application of hydrogen peroxide gel to the teeth, which is then combined with an LED/UV light, and left on for timed increments. The take-home kits work off the same premise however contain lower concentrations of whitening compounds as it is not in a controlled dental setting. This results in less sensitivity, but somewhat slower results. However, with all teeth whitening options there will be some sort of tradeoff between money, time and optimal result.

Besides corrective treatments to whiten your teeth, here are a few ways you can make sure to prevent staining and discoloration that can happen over time. Besides your twice daily brushing, make sure to rinse your teeth with water after eating. This will ensure the washing away of anything that could potentially lead to stains on your teeth.

A natural way to subtly ensure the buildup of plaque doesn’t happen is the practice of oil pulling daily. This entails the swishing around of oil such as coconut oil in the mouth for a couple minutes, making sure to push and pull between the teeth. This stops the buildup of bacteria that causes plaque, which in turn stops the teeth from having a yellow appearance.
We will gladly assist you with an assessment of your teeth, the creation of a treatment plan and an outlining of your different options. Why not get in touch with us today and get your best smile yet!

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